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SoGospel Wiki is a collaborative website about Southern Gospel Music that anyone can edit!

What You Will Find Here[edit | edit source]

SoGospel Wiki is all about Southern Gospel music. Here you will discover biographies and histories of gospel singers, groups, and songwriters. Discographies and song lists are also big parts of what comprises this wiki.

In addition you will also find links in a special section called "Purchase" on pages for albums and songs that lead you to a place online where you can buy the MP3, CD or MP3 album of the song or album. If at all possible please buy directly from the artist (under the so-named heading) as the money typically goes directly to them to support their efforts in singing gospel music.

Additionally, links to purchase the songs and albums from Amazon or other online sites are also included where applicable. A small amount from the Amazon purchases go toward SoGospel Wiki if you buy using the links from here.

Why Another Southern Gospel Site?[edit | edit source]

Yes, we know there are other sites where you can find Southern Gospel history, and we are certainly not here to compete with them. The data collected here comes mainly from the founder's own personal collection of CDs, hymnals, songbooks, and other Southern Gospel memorabilia. So this really began as a way to categorize that information while making it easy to, for example, find a certain song's publication information and who recorded it when. Simple spreadsheets were not enough to comprise this information in as searchable a format as being able to tag them like you can with the wiki pages.

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