Page TitleEdit

For the titles of Album Pages, list the name of the album followed by the artist and the word "album" in parentheses.

The page title for the album "Power" by the Hoppers would be "Power (Hoppers Album)".

For an album that is self-titled (that is, the title of the album is the name of the artist), then only put the word "Album" in parentheses.

The page for the self-titled "Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Quartet" would be titled "Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Quartet (Album)".

Many Southern Gospel albums are titled the same as one of the songs on that album. Furthermore, there are many albums from different artists with identical titles. Titling the pages this way will automatically differentiate any identically named songs or albums.






Music PublishersEdit


Song TitleEdit

The title of a Song Page in SoGospel Wiki should be the name of the song, formatted as outlined below.



Articles include the words a, an, and the. If the title of the song begins with an article, then that article will be moved to the end of the song title preceded by a comma.

For the title of the song page for "The Love of God," the title will be rearranged to "Love of God, The."


Conjunctions include the words and, but, or,

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Do NOT type lyrics to any songs unless they are in the Public Domain.