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Walk the Talk by Gold City....


Tenor: Jay Parrack

Lead: Jonathan Wilburn

Baritone: Daniel Riley

Bass: Tim Riley

Piano: Channing Eleton

Bass Guitar: Adam Borden

Drums: Doug Riley

Track ListEdit

Track # Song Title Length
1 Somebody Sing Me a Gospel Song 00:00
2 That Little Baby 00:00
3 Calvary Conquers It All 00:00
4 I'm Saved, I'm Sure, I'm Ready 00:00
5 Walk the Talk 00:00
6 Then We Shall Sing 00:00
7 I'll Say Thanks 00:00
8 I Can't Do Without the Lord 00:00
9 God Is Unwilling 00:00
10 God Handled It All 00:00

Production InformationEdit

© 2003
Cathedral Records
Exclusively distributed by New Day Christian Distributors


Produced by Doug Riley, Danny Riley
Executive Producer: Todd Payne
Track Arrangements: Doug Riley, Channing Eleto
Vocal Arrangements: Doug Riley
Tracks Recorded at Skaggs Place, Nashville, TN
Engineered by Brent King
Sound Engineer: Lee Groitzsch
Vocals Recorded & Mixed at Goldmine Recording Studio - Gadsden, AL
Engineered by Danny Riley, Jerry Lloyd
Additional overdubs recorded at Goldmine & Eleton House Studio, Dalton, G

Orchestration Arranged & Conducted by Steve Mauldin
Mixed at Blueberry Hill by Brent King
Mastering by Randy LeRoy, Final Stage - Nashville, TN
Photography: Russ Harrington Photography - Nashville, TN
Makeup, Grooming: Mary Beth Fields
Design: XK3 Graphics Services - Hendersonville, TN


Piano, Keyboards: Gary Prim, Channing Eleton
Accordion, Organ: Channing Eleton
Drums: Paul Leim
Percussion: Doug Riley
Acoustic Guitar: Bruce Watkins

Steel Guitar, Slide Guitar, Pedalbro: Scott Sanders
Bass Guitar: Mike Brignardello, Jimmy Carter
Fiddle: Aubrey Haney

Trumpet: Mike Haynes, George Tidwell
Trombone: Barry Green, Prentis Hobbs
Horn: Jennifer Kummer, Beth Beeson
Clarinet, Saxophones: Sam Levine
Percussion: Ron Sorbo
Strings: The Nashville String Machine
Contracted by: Carl Gorodetzky
Violin: Carl Gorodetzky, Pam Sixfin, Alan Umstead, David Angell, Karen Winkelmann, Kate Myer
Viola: Gary Van Osdale, Monisa Angell
Cello: Robert Mason, Julie Tanner

Album Identification NumbersEdit

Label: CD00010

UPC: 826077001029

Liner NotesEdit

Tray Liner CardEdit

Ephesians 4:1
"Live a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God." (New Living Translation)

God has chosen us to be Christ's representative on earth. We are challenged to live lives worthy of the calling we have received, which is the awesome privilege of being called a child of God. We are to be guided by the word of God and set an example that will influence the world's walk. This includes being humble, gentle, patient, understanding, and peaceful. People are watching your life. Can they see Christ in you?


Gold City wants to especially thank everyone at Cathedral Records (Todd Payne, Brandon Abbott, and Darrel Mullins) for believing in our mission and helping us to take it to a greater level. We also wish to thank our friend and product man, Barry Peters, our soundman, Josh Hoevelmann, and our office staff (Amy Jo Riley, Sharon Kisor, Barbara Riley).

Daniel Riley, BaritoneEdit

I would like to thank Jesus for giving His life for me and allowing me to serve Him. To my wife Holly, who gives unselfishly of herself and has made countless sacrifices to allow me to do what I do. I love you more than the air I breathe. To my parents for raising me in a Christian home, my Dad for giving me the opportunity to do what I've always wanted to do, and my brother Doug, thanks for pushing me to the limit, then pushing me more. I take back all the things I called you while we were recording vocals. All the guys on the bus, my brothers—you're the greatest. To Jerry Lloyd, you've already outgrown the shoes I left you in the engineering department. To Amy Jo and Sharon, thanks for all you do for me. And last but not least, thanks to all who come to our concerts and have welcomed me into this industry—we couldn't do this without you.

Jonathan Wilburn, LeadEdit

My thanks goes to these people for "walking the talk." The examples they walked before me has helped me understand the true meaning of a joyful life in Christ Jesus! My wife Sandra is probably the greatest influence ever. Thanks to Jordan and Jessica for understanding why Daddy's gone. Mom and Dad, my grandparents, two shoutin' men from the hills of TN - Fred Wilburn and Bridgewater Wilburn, Russell Brothers, and my childhood pastor - Charles Allen Gentry. My thanks goes to Jesus, for He walked and talked His own gospel. Through Him and Him alone ALL things are possible. Let us praise His lovely name as we "Walk The Talk!"

Adam Borden, Bass GuitarEdit

First and foremost I want to thank my Lord for the joy in my calling. Thank you Angel for your love and support and for understanding the call to go. Thanks to Momma and Daddy, Grandmother and PaPa, and PawPaw and MawMaw for the heritage of music. Thanks to the Tidmore family for thinking Uncle Adam is "cool." Thanks to the Reynolds for making me your family, and thanks in advance to Abby, for loving your Daddy!

Doug Riley, DrumsEdit

I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving me life to live and Heaven to look forward to, the love of my life, Amy Jo, who has supported, tolerated, promoted, and unconditionally loved me, our five year old son, Chapen, who doesn't cry when I leave home because he knows people need Jesus, my parents who have taught me to be a God-fearing son, husband, and Dad, and to the guys I travel with - their lives and talent continue to make me want to be a better Christian and musician. I love you all!


Directly from the ArtistEdit

Walk the Talk CD (via Gold City as part of The Encore Series 5-pack of CDs).


Walk the Talk CD