Album InformationEdit

The Perry Sisters ....


Zena Perry

Diana Perry Gillette

Bonnie Belcher

Angela Gillette

Tammy Belcher

Tina Belcher

Barbie Edwards

Brenda Edwards

Shellie Edwards

Track ListEdit

Track # Song Title Length
1 The Wedding in Mt. Zion
2 Joybells
3 Heaven's Never Been So Close Before
4 Lean on the Rock
5 City Limits of Heaven
6 Widely the Winds Blow
7 Don't Stray Too Far From Calvary
8 Visions of Heaven
9 We'll Have a Temple of God
10 Everything's Allright

Production InformationEdit


Producer: Bruce Watkins
Recorded at Hilltop Studio
Engineer: Kevin McManus
Photography: Jim Thacker


Bass: Jimmy Dumas
Steel: Doug Jernigan
Drums: Randy Hauser and Steve Nath
Lead, Rhythm, Banjo, Fiddle: Bruce Watkins
Piano: Bonnie Belcher

Album Identification NumbersEdit

Label: PS-42580

Liner NotesEdit

From the back cover:

We, The Perry Sisters, are proud and honored to present to you this album. We feel that God Has richly blessed us in our effort to compose several of these songs; like our title song 'The Wedding In Mt. Zion', for we believe the bridegroom is soon coming to take his bride away. The words were written by our mother, Zena Perry, and the music arrangement by our sister, Diana. It was through their collaboration with much dedication they also composed 'We'll Have A Temple Of God'. It is our hope that you may be touched by the Holy Spirit as we share with you what God has given to us.
Our special thanks to Letha Blankenship of East Lynn, West Virginia for her contribution to this album. She so beautifully wrote two of the songs- 'Widely The Winds Blow' and 'Joybells'. We count it a privilege that she chose us to perform some of her materials. Had it not been for her work, it would not have been complete.
Because of many requests, it is with great pleasure we introduce our daughters singing 'Everything's Allright'. Featuring six year-old Angela Gillette and nine year-old Tammy Belcher. Also singing are Tina Belcher and Barbie Edwards, both age thirteen. Brenda Edwards, age ten, and Shellie Edwards, age seven.